As lifestyle and finances are entered as in the above, the Bot does the LifeMath in the background (you can see it if you wish) and displays what the actual checking account balances will be week by week for the next year. The six month sample below shows that LifeMath actually displays finances the same way people naturally think about them: sometimes flush, sometimes not so flush (red amounts indicate the probability of overdrawn checking). It's the reality of cash flow!

If you're happy with your LifeMath, "Go For It!"  If not, change it simply and quickly until it's what you want it to be.

Below are samples of the input screen. Please note how clean and simple they look...and that there are no directions, no instructions, not even menus. You'll simply fill in the blanks that pertain to you.

If you were to have a question, you'd click a nearby gray header box and the answer will pop up!


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Questions you should be asking and straight answers you deserve!


Is LifeMath designed to get me to buy products or services, take loans, make investments or tell me how to live my life financially?  Absolutely Not! It displays the results of alternative financial decisions you want to make but remains neutral about which one(s) you choose.

How accurate is LifeMath? For all intents and purposes it's 100%. It reflects how you want to live your life. If you want or have to change your mind, simply change the input (it only takes only a few minutes) and it'll be 100% accurate again.

Can LifeMath work for me if I don’t know what my income is or will be?  Yes! When income information is unavailable it uses outgo to determine how much income must be earned, and by when it must be earned, to live a specific lifestyle. It works well because, contrary to conventional wisdom, you have much more control of your outgo than you do of your  income.


Note: this is practical for college students as their choice of study should result in careers that support the lifestyle they expect both while they’re in school and when they're living life. Why pay for a high cost education when they can create meaningful, comfortable and financially stress free lives for less?

What financial circumstances best suit LifeMath? It works equally well for the financially secure, the financially stressed and everyone in-between.

Do I have to start LifeMath on January 1st?  No, it can begin anytime during the year.

Does LifeMath help with family harmony?  Yes! It lets members balance what they want and need today with what they know they'll want and need tomorrow.  Each sees they're getting a fair financial share of what is reasonably available.

How does LifeMath work?  Like a GPS in a car. Say or type where you want to go, financially, and it’ll help you get there safely and timely. LifeMath also functions as a financial speedometer that tells you how "fast" you're going financially,
but lets you decide how fast or slow to go.  It's a fuel gage too that shows you if you have enough funds to get there.

Living life without LifeMath is like driving a car without driving's possible but much more difficult, stressful and dangerous.

What if I really don't want to be on a regimen (even of my own choosing) or restricted in any way?  No problem! Use LifeMath one time as a "financial selfie" or just glance at it once in a while. Either is better than flying blind financially!

What if there's no hope for me financially?  That's a terrible misconception. Finances are never terminal. It's just a matter of whether you control what happens or allow it to control you!

Will LifeMath help me with my investing?LifeMath does not market securities or insurances but does help by determining the yield needed on savings and investments to support retirement. Unlike financial planning that keys in on income, LifeMath concentrates on outgo because you have infinitely more control of your outgo than you do your income.
How long does it take to see how LifeMath works?  About five minutes after seeing it work! Its input screen
is super clean looking with simple fill-in the blanks. There are no menus, directions or instructions and no unfamiliar financial jargon or buzz words, not even "debit" or "credit". A picture graph instantly morphs itself to show the results of input and changes. It's a picture worth a thousand words and thousands of dollars!

How much time does it take to get LifeMath up and running?  Forty to ninety minutes depending on the number of household members and the volatility of their lifestyles. Finding and gathering paper work and monthly statements for input 
information is unnecessary because, initially, input is just estimated. That's close enough to be practical. Then you can refine it at your leisure. Weekly updates take five to ten minutes. Monthly updates take fifteen minutes. Preparing for income tax filing takes five minutes. Tracking finances and saving paper receipts take no minutes because LifeMath does both for you automatically!

How safe is the software?  100% safe because it resides on your computer not on the Internet. Although LifeMath does work with on-line banking, it eliminates the risk of being hacked because no identity information or account names or numbers are used  in the software. Most importantly, you’ve likely come to this site because a non-profit organization, professional, employer, relaitive or friend has referred you to it because it is safe, effective and the results superior.

What’s the cost?  $395 for software AND our assisting you with getting it up and running with the least time and effort!
  We’re so sure you'll love LifeMath that one of our qualified financial fitness advocates will help you get it up and running  BEFORE YOU PAY FOR IT!     You'll love it or the meeting's free!

Doing your LifeMath is an investment in yourself because by doing your LifeMath you'll be way ahead of where you are now.  That's what makes LifeMath an investment, not a cost! 

What if people truly cannot afford to pay for it?  A qualified financial fitness advocate will assist them pro bono.

LifeMath is completely free for active duty US military personnel.

Please send an email to with two dates and times (24/7) that are convenient for you to have your free LifeMath online meeting. You will receive a timely confirmation email.

There's a world of difference between Financial Fitness Bots and budgets. Budgets use an 18th Century technology that can't begin to cope with today's widely varying incomes, wildly varying outgoes and the myriad of ways there are to earn, spend, buy, charge, finance, borrow, pay, save and invest. 

Financial Fitness Bots use a 21st Century technology called LifeMath because money IS the math of life!  There's nothing anyone can do in life that doesn't directly or indirectly involve money. No, not even breathe because breathing requires energy that comes from food which costs money.

Bots using LifeMath handle every household, consumer and personal finance transaction there is in every time frame there is and display it - with indisputable clarity and accuracy - for one year going forward. Bots also automatically settle and reconcile checking, savings, investment, credit card and loan accounts. Bots give 100% protection from prying eyes and Internet hackers and provide decision making information without ulterior motives or hidden agendas.​​