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No other software or financial service can tell you what's going to be in your checking account

by week for an entire year with an accuracy exceeding 90%. Although knowing over90% isn't 100%,

it's infinitely better than not knowing.

First, to be clear, $elfies are not budgets!

  • Budgets are an outdated technology that can't begin to cope with today's widely varying incomes, wildly varying outgoes and the myriad of ways there are to spend, buy, charge, finance, borrow, pay, earn, save and invest. ​​​​

  • $elfies use a 21st Century technology called LifeMath that does the financial heavy lifting for you. It handles every financial transaction there is, in every time frame there is, and displays, in advance, the balances that will be in checking for an entire year with indisputable accuracy and super clarity. Nothing is more important than knowing your cash flow! If you like what you see, GO FOR IT! If not, the certified $elfie facilitator that will help you with input can help you change it quickly, safely and comfortably without asking you to borrow, invest, interfere with your decisions or attempt to handle your​ money for you.

Examples of $elfie Input 


Questions you should be asking! 

Straight answers you deserve!


   Are $elfies designed to get me to buy products, use services, take loans, make investments or tell me how to live my life?    Absolutely Not! They're designed to display your family's financial dynamics before you commit to them but remain completely

  neutral about what you elect to do or not do about them.


  How do I know $elfies really work? $elfies are the only family finance technology that has qualified for and awarded a registered    

  copyright by the US Copyright Office and listed in the US Library of Congress. That doesn't happen unless the technology is

  unique, practical and works!


  Will a $elfie work for me if I don't want to be restricted in any way? You can use it just once and be done; stay on it for a year; 

  or get off and back on it as often as you wish to.

  How accurate are $elfies? For all practical purposes, mathematically and philosophically, they're 100%. The technology was

  originally created in 1981 and upgraded yearly according to advances in computer technology and the Internet. $elfies contains

  the collective wisdom and experiences of over 10,000 people who have successfully addressed their financial circumstances.

  Will a $elfie work for me if I don’t know what my income is or will be?  Yes! When income information is unavailable $elfies

  use outgo to determine how much income must be earned and by when it must be earned. $elfies work well because,

  contrary to conventional wisdom, people have much more control of their outgo than they do of their income.

  Note: this is very practical for college students as their choice of study should result in careers that support the lifestyle they expect both while they’re in school

  and when they're living life

  What financial circumstances best suit $elfies?  They work equally well for the financially secure, the financially stressed

 and everyone in-between.

  Do I start my $elfie on January 1st?  No, they can begin anytime during the year.

  Will a $elfie help with family harmony?  Absolutely! They let family members balance what they want and need today with what

  they know they'll want and need tomorrow.  Each sees they're getting a fair share of what's reasonably available.

  Exactly hHow does a $elfie work?  Like a GPS in a car. Tell it where you want to go, financially, and it’ll help you get there safely

  and timely. $elfies also function as speedometers that tell you how "fast" you're going financially, but let you decide how fast or

  slow to go.  It's a fuel gauge that indicates if you will have enough financial gas to get where you want to go. 

  Living without a $elfie is like driving a car with no driving instruments or gauges. It's possible but it's difficult and dangerous.​       

  What if there's no hope for me financially?  That's a terrible misconception! Finances are never terminal. It's just a matter

  of you electing to control your finances or do nothing and let them control you.

  Will my $elfie help me with investing? $elfies do not market securities or insurances but do help by determining the yield needed

  on savings and investments to achieve a financial goal. Unlike financial planning that keys in on income, $elfies concentrate on

  outgo because people have infinitely more control of their outgoes than they do their incomes.
  How long does it take to understand how $elfies work?  Immediately! $elfies "think" about money the same way your brain does.

  There are no unfamiliar financial jargon or buzz words, not even "debit" or "credit". The picture graph instantly morphs itself to

  show results of input and changes. $elfies are a picture worth a thousand words and likely worth thousands of dollars to you!

  How much time does it take to get a $elfie up and running? Forty to ninety minutes depending on the number of household

  members and the volatility of their lifestyles. Finding and gathering paper work for input information is unnecessary because,

  initially, it's estimated. Over the years that's proven close enough to be practical. You refine it at your leisure.

  How much time does it take to maintain my $elfie if I elect to stay on it?  Weekly updates take five to ten minutes.  

  Monthly updates take ten to fifteen minutes. Preparing for income tax filing takes five minutes. Tracking finances and

  saving paper receipts take no minutes because your $elfie does both for you automatically!

  How safe is my financial information?  100% safe because your $elfie resides on your computer not on the Internet. Although

  $elfies work with on-line banking, they eliminate the risk of being hacked because no identity information or account names or

  numbers are used. 

  Is this site trustworthy?  You’ve likely come to this site because a non-profit, professional, employer, relative or friend has

  referred you to it because it's safe, effective and the results are superior.

  What’s the cost?  $
elfie software AND our assisting you with getting up and running plus How To support for one year is $295. 

  We’re so sure you'll love your $elfie that we'll help you get it up and running BEFORE YOU PAY FOR IT!  
If after seeing your $elfie you decide you don't want it...the meeting and input assistance are free!

  A $elfie is a physical, emotional and financial investment in yourself and your family. By taking your family $elfie you and they will be

  way ahead of where you and they are now!

​  What if I truly can't afford to pay for a $elfie?  A certified $elfie facilitator will assist you pro bono.

  $elfies, input assistance and $elfie facilitator services are always free for active duty US military personnel. 

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Based on input, these are indisputably the balances that will be in the checking account each week for the entire year!

​​​​​​​Taking a $elfie of your family finances is 100% safe. All information is entered generically. And it's easy because there are no instructions, no menus, no navigation. Just click anywhere and a pop up will tell you what to do there and where to click next.

Simply fill in the blanks (samples below) with what you want or have to do, financially, during the next year starting right now!